German Sterligov

Who is  German Sterligov ?

German Sterligov is one of the highest-profile figures in Russian business. In 1990, when Perestroika liberalization was thriving, he set up Alisa, the firs t raw materia l g oods exchange in Russia, which enabled him to become the first official Russian billionaire at the young age of 23. He is the founder and head of an international company that offers unique business tools for investments and settlements. He is the promoter of a green way of life and has a farming business in the Moscow region that grows organic p roduce.

You can read the full Biography on his website.In autumn 2008, he announced the establishing of the Anticrisis Settlement & Commodity Centre (ASCENT), which is making it possible to find unique solutions for businesses experiencing financial difficulties in the global economic crisis – i.e. such as:

1. Redeeming debts stemming from loans and other financial liabilities with goods or services;

2. Securing guaranteed supplies of raw materials and maintaining the continuity of the production cycle;

3. Continuing to pay salaries to employees while only making minimum profits from sales;

4. Purchasing goods, services and raw materials at near-liquidation prices;

5. Finding new partners and opening up new sales markets in various countries.

In spring 2009, the ASCENT GOLD project was launched, which is an international settlement system enabling clients to:

1. Buy and sell gold as a physical commodity in any quantities and in varied forms;

2. Store their gold in the ASCENT GOLD CUSTODY certified, safe-keeping system or, at the client’s     discretion, in independent, professional storage;

3. Trade gold with one another on the ASCENT Gold Market trading platform;

4. Acquire goods and services in exchange for gold (ASCENT Trade);

5. Monitor operations with their own gold online with the aid of special software.

Apart from that he is finding time for new projects like:

The development of green farming in RussiaProviding people with the opportunity to live and work outside cities and to establish their own farms.

The Society of Ancient Literature DevoteesThe study and publication of ancient manuscripts, the nurturing of young people on the basis of canonical principles.

I recommend you watching his videos so that you can better understand his ideas and why he started implementing this new system.

German Sterligov in Paris part1

German Sterligov in Paris part2


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  2. Posted by Ingo Weisbrodt on 2010/06/29 at 2:24 pm

    Hello, do you`ve any kind of contact to German Sterligov?
    I would like to talk to him in a privat case…
    Many times thanks, from Ingo Weisbrodt


  3. Hi! I don’t have any contact with him for the moment, but it would be definitely good to talk with him. I think ASCENT opened office in Berlin but all the info was on the site which does not work at the moment.You can contact him per email :


  4. Posted by Ingo Weisbrodt on 2010/06/30 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks a lot!!!


  5. Posted by Ingo Weisbrodt on 2010/07/22 at 7:10 pm

    Hello, it`s me again…
    I send 3 times e-mail to him without any response from him??? Do you think he is to bussy or not interessted at all to answer a privat question?


  6. Hi ! I have no idea why you don’t have answer. Try this one:
    Also I saw this new site in russian:
    You can try to find some contacts there.


  7. Posted by dimitrianshah on 2011/03/26 at 1:54 am

    Some of Mr. Sterligov’s thoughts are according to Islamic view , namely , among of them , no usury , agree to barter trading rather than financial trading , and involve in real sector. These of all, compatible with gold dinar and silver dirham application. Finally, these will bring to fairly life.


  8. Posted by dimitrianshah on 2013/04/02 at 1:22 am

    For the barter system , we have on line barter calculator , based on 4.25 gram 22k gold ; the web ,


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