Remote monitoring of your home with AlertMe

I just came across a new start-up company based in UK that is launching an intelligent home security service.

AlertMe is an intelligent home security and monitoring service that connects straight to you. AlertMe uses your broadband and a variety of clever sensors around your home to put you in control. AlertMe immediately alerts you and lets you use your mobile phone or the internet to check on things or respond to an incident.
Self-install is easy, with no wiring or drilling required. The homeowner can also personalize the security and monitoring system to suit their unique needs, whether they need to accommodate pets, visitors or a house cleaner. AlertMe’s direct alert system means that homeowners no longer have to rely on security company call centers or noisy sirens. Friends, neighbors and family can also receive alerts for incidents as added support.

The AlertMe kit consists of a compact hub which serves as a gateway to the Internet, and a selection of sensors which includes door/window sensors and motion detectors which check for existing smoke or carbon monoxide alarms and forward on alerts.

More infos about the new technology can be found on WsnBlog and AlertMe homepage. The price is really nice starting from 339GBP (534 Euro) for the kit and 11.75 GBP (16 Euro) for the AlertMe Service.Such technologies will play a big role in the Real Estate in near future.They can be used not only for protecting your home but also as a building management system which will drastically reduce the additional costs for electricity,gas,water and so on.

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