Start-ups in Germany

I just came across a DW TV report on the startup climate in Germany and as I expected the things are not at all green.The country is behind the leaders in the entrepreneur’s world like USA and Finland.Beside the important role that are playing in the economic growth the number of start-ups in Germany has fallen with 200 000 for the last year.Here is a part of the review:

“Our analyses on the influence of personal attitudes show that a positive approach to entrepreneurship, the willingness to take risk and optimism are major prerequisites for successfully starting into self-employment,” Matthäus-Maier said.

But this necessary ideology is missing in Germany, said Klandt.



“There isn’t this pioneering spirit here,” he said. “We don’t have the American dream.” Entrepreneurship did not have the same status in the German education system as it did in other countries, he said.



“In Finland, for example, the ideas behind entrepreneurship such as creativity or independence are already taught in kindergarten,” Klandt said. “In our education system, these things are pushed back.”



Germans were also often much more focused on security than risk in their thinking.



“We’d rather buy life insurance policies than stocks,” Klandt said. This was due to the strong safety net which existed in Germany.



Matthäus-Maier said a broad package of measures was required to improve the start-up climate in Germany. These needed to be “firmly anchored in the education and training system,” she said. But society’s attitudes also needed to change, she added.



“If we want to have more lively and sustainable start-up activity, we have to improve the subjective attitudes towards entrepreneurship,” Matthäus-Maier said.



It seems to me that Mr Klandt  is absolutely right and have a clear idea what are the problems in the system and mainly in education.Hopefully this concerns do not last only on paper,but the government and all the institutions take a quick action in changing the things.It’s really important for Germany to improve its law and administration system to be more competitive and friendly to the entrepreneurs, so that they stay here not the other way round go to USA or UK.


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