Night walk

I am just coming home from an exciting night walk.As I am village boy my current home is about 7 km away from Darmstadt center.So as we are Saturday night after 00:30 there are no public transport and I have to get home on foot.Just the perfect time for a summer walk on full moon.The temperature is around 17 degree Celsius and the sky is dark blue.I headed home around 00:35 from Luizenplatz and at about 01:55 I was there.It was really pleasant and relaxing to feel the fresh air and the subtle wind.I felt that I was walking through desolated city from the wild west,there were hardly any autos on the streets fooling around,no people,but only wandering cats.Empty streets and green lights waiting for me to pass through.I cannot imagine such an obsolete picture through the day,it’s not possible.To sum up,it’s worth having a walk into the night 😉


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