The spirit of abstraction

All people are different.They think different,they act different, they look different,they have different characters -> people are different.They are different personalities but stranglly some of them manage to find similarities – similar language , similar actions and soon become kind of friends.

But deep inside they are different and unique.Some people manage to be more communicative and easily understood from the others around.There are always exceptions and the people that are not so similar and who act and think different are not part of the picture.These people live there,work and interact with the sociaty but in fact they are not there spiritually because they are just different.It is not so easy to substitute and put all people in one and expect all of them to be happy and to live together.The persons that don’t match this pattern of existance and livestyle just don’t feel in at place.The heart of the problem is at the default difference and spiritual variety lying in all of us.Every person have multiple levels of spirituality appearing at certain moments of his life.These timestamps are key points of the live momentum in which the person reaches himself and discovers more and more his pure consciousness.All this processes and states appear deep inside a person and to the outside world the changes are not always observable,it’s possible even to look negative in the eyes of the suroundings.This chain of changes and different behaviour in a person is the transition to exploring yourself and your real spirit.Normaly this happens as you are growing and all the people around you are at the same level, so you manage to find fellows and people at your state.What happend with the people which don’t find such fellows? The problem is that people are not made by default to exist alone,therefore everyone searches for a friends and someone that at least gets some of your ideas.That’s the mass picture,but there are also the persons exceptions.What happens with them?There is no answer or at least not familiar to me.These group of people is just too little so they kind of disappear washed by the crowds of normal living teenagers and later grown-up people.

What happens with the multiple levels of spirituality that’s another question?Did they really exist?That sounds like a weird abstraction and it is.But there is an answer behind.Nothing in the world exists without a purpose!Hope to find the answers some day 😉


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  1. well said about the differences in people. I also thing that these differences are because of different way of thinking, different level of spirituality, or whatever you call it. If all the people can understand what you say maybe the world would a little better. It is a fact that we are different and we should accept this and not judge the others. Everyone should find his environment or state in which he feels good, productive and filled with love and passion, and not only work and stress. And although all people are different we all have something in common, and I think that it is the love we can give and receive. And I think that in the way we do this we get into these different levels of spirituality.


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