Today I started reading a book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Creativity!There he writes the definition of creativity and what are the preconditions to exist.Genuis and brilliant have different meanings than creativity.In order to achieve cretivity three main things should exist:

Domain –consists of a set of symbolic rules and procedures(example mathemtaics,algebra and number theory)

Field – all the individuals who act as gatekeepers to the domain.It is their job to decide whether a new idea or product should be included in the domain.(example teachers,collectors of art,critics)

Individual Person – creativity occurs when a person,using the symbols of a given domain such as music,engineering,business or mathematics,has a new idea or sees a new pattern and when this novelty is selected by the appropriate field for inclusion into the relevant domain.

Definition of creativity: Creativity is any act,idea,or product that changes an existing domain,or that transform an existing domain into a new one.

Definition of creative person: someone whose thoughts or actions change a domain or establish a new domain.(remark: a domain cannot be changed without the explicit or implicit consent of a field responsible for it.)


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