Nice days!

I just finished reading Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki and I am very pleased with what I have learned.It is really a gread investing book and even for normal people like me just to see what is the world of the rich people.Now I intend of course to read his other books or at least some of them which are important for the basic financial education of a man.The weather outside is very nice these few days so I managed to have some walk and even two picnics with friends 🙂

Next step here will be to put page with Books to be read.Also I have listened to some Audio books from Anthony Robbinson which are very interesting.His theories about life are very deep and can teach us a lot for ourselfs.Pesonal development and power will be the key consept of my plans in the next few months.Making plans is very important point in all directions no matter financial or professional.We will see what is coming but for sure there will be much changes in my actions.That’s for now 😉


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