Inversion of Control Principle

Today, as I was travelling to the university I just came across the idea to try applying the Inversion of Control principle on a human. Of course the idea is fully abstract and absurd ,but somehow I managed to see how it can improve a man’s life.Normally,this IOC principle is used in frameworks development to invert the controlflow of a program,so that the code that the user adds is managed by the framework not the otherway round.This is one of the key Software principles nowadays in writhing reusable code.First some definitions that I use to compare human with a computer world:

body == hardware

mind == software

So most of the people especially the young one think with their body and listen to it.Doing so they cause themselves a lot of unnecessary problems which later they find stupid.Saddly most of the people are doing this without even noticing it or they find it but it’s too late as we have only less than 100 years (2bits of memory) of existance.My point is that we can just switch the things – switch the control from body to mind using the IOC principle and than try to build new software.If we do this we’ll discover a whole new universe of control and abstraction which will give us more power to act and more complexity in our existance.Then we can develope our own framework or just take an implemented one from a good friend.Of course there will be always place for the hardware part and we can use it again with the help of the hook methods which can be easily implemeted at any time.To sum up,I would say that this crazy idea can bring us more positive experience, self development, increase the levels of abstraction that our mind can have and discover the real power of using our brain.

P.S: Hope at least you get some idea!Abstraction is the Key u know 😉


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  1. I like the way you … abstract things 🙂 It is very … funny 🙂 But as you say, abstraction is the key. Thinking different is always one step further 🙂


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