Start with NHibernate

NHibernate is a .NET based object persistence library for relational databases.NHibernate is a port of the excellent Java Hibernate relational persistence tool. I just started to look how this framework is functioning and if we can use it in our work.After googling for some time I found that there are usefull sources of information on the topic including a few tutorials.

1.Download from and have a look at the quick start.Also good links hier.

2.Really useful tutorials in english and german :

Good practical example

Wow, I have just discovered that there is another Application framework coming from the Java field- Spring.Net.It is full with functionality 🙂 even the AOP is implemented !Have a look:)


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  1. Hi Ivanov,

    You might to take a look at the NHibernate generator that comes with GenWise Studio. It will create all needed mapping, poco and factory files from your existing database.


  2. Hi,

    great stuff. Rong told me he’s done some work with Hibernate at school and knows the library. My idea is to introduce additional layer of abscraction over RbInterface which makes use of NHibernate, so that if we migrate to some other database in future, the code won’t need to change much. I just need to know if we can hook it to RbInterface and how?


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