Configure SystemC with Using Visual C++ 2005 Express

I decided to compile the SystemC 2.1 libraries with VS 2005 and after a few hours play I managed.First of all the Visual Studio with Microsoft Platform SDK libraries should be installed (some important changes should be done) and then options in the compiler and linker should be set. A good starting guide is the INSTALL file coming with SystemC version.Then the systemc.lib library should be compiled in Debug mode and then you can try your own project or some of the given examples.There are many places where errors can occur,so I used SystemC forum and the suggestions there are really helpfull.


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  1. Posted by Max on 2007/11/13 at 3:57 pm

    could you write me how can I configure SystemC with Visual C++ 2005 express edition? I have tried but when I open the solution in the msvc71 folder an error occur( perhaps because express edition doesn’t support multiple projects in the same solution).
    P.s. However I didn’t ever use VC++ and I don’t know compiler and linker options very well.


  2. Posted by Phanuel on 2008/12/13 at 1:08 am

    hey. What a coincidence! One of my professor’s has the same exact name (Todor Ivanov) as you, and he is also a computer science professor at my college. I first thought this blog was his because you put all this stuff about programming.


    • hi there 🙂 you are from Western Connecticut State University right ? I just found your Computer Science Department and the coincidence is real ! 🙂 I am CS student in Germany but originaly from Bulgaria! You can send my greetings to your Professor , I am sure he is also Bulgarian :).

      Greetings from Germany 🙂


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